Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thought I'd stop and say Hi.

I don't have any pics to share but I did wanna say hey ladies. How is everyone? I am doing good. Since I was last here my hubby and I have been spending more time together and doing more things with our boys. When my grandpa passed away it made me realize that life was too short and I needed to start spending more time with my family. I now visit my grandma at least two or three times a week. She is 81 and not going to be here forever so I treasure every moment I have with her.

We had a great Easter and enjoyed our yearly egg hunt. We came home with 5 dozen eggs. Lets just say we've had lots of egg salad lately.

In other news All The Sisters now has a website. That's the shop that I am a part of with my friends Donnely, Diana and Cass. We have a store in Bremen,OH but will soon be moving to Somerset, Ohio to a much bigger store at the end of this month. That is exciting news for to us. I'll post pics once we are all moved in ad set up.
For now that's all I have. I'll stop back as soon as I have more to share. Take Care and Happy Crafting.