Thursday, September 25, 2008

Treasure Trove of prim goodies

Figured I share my lastest creations that I plan to add to my booth space. Some of it you've seen already. But a few things I just finished. I get a better pic once it's in the booth. I am excited to show you our place.

And I actually had my first sale this week. Woo Hoo! I sold some christmas gift bags. Sorry no pics to share of them. They were wachcloths that I just folded in half and added a draw string . It's a start and I'm excited. Slowly but surely our items will Sell. Donnely has special orders for yarn and I have people asking about crates and birdhouses. So it looks as if we will busy working away. Well I am headed off to work so I'll chat with you all later.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday.

Lets see what did I worked on this week? Well I managed to get to the Back Woods Fest last Friday and bought 10 gourds. They now currently sit in my storage room waiting to be turned into lights. I did get one done though. But I'm not sure if I like it as well as my star gourd. But I can't do them all the same now can I? LOL

Next Wayne made me up some doors to paint.They are just small wooden doors that hang on the wall. I have four more to do but I am having a hard time trying to figure out what colors to paint them. I also want to sand them to give them a more worn look but my sand paper seems to have grown legs and run off. Guess I'll just have to buy more when I get off work tonight.

I have a bird house that needs painted also. But I just don't seem to have enough time to get all my projects done right now.

Just last week I was whinning because I didn't have much to do and now I've got more than enough. That old saying is true "Becareful what you wish for.. You just might get it." LOL
Now ya know what I'm workin on. Besure to stop by and see what Leslie and the rest of the Wednesday bunch are workin on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wonderful Fall Day.

Today Donnely and I took another tripto the Craft Warehouse to replenish our supplies. We didn't spend near as much this time as before but we did get some things we needed and a few items that we purchased were on sale. I LOVE a bargain. But hey who doesn't right?

On the way back we drove past this wonderful pumpkin farm called Pigeon Roost Farm. We decided to stop and check it out. It was a very nice place with lots and lots of pumpkins,squash, gourds,corn stalks and even indian corn for sale.

They have a play area for the kids along with donkey rides and a corn maze. There is even a gift shop where they sell lots of goodies along with Pumpkin Butter and some Pumpkin Honey that they make right on the farm. They don't have a lot going on during the week but the lady in the shop told us on the weekends there is lots to see and do.It was a nice side trip for Donnely and I on this wonderful Fall day. I plan to take Wayne and the boys back some weekend. I think it will be a wonderful family outing that we will all enjoy.

Bob aka Kitty Update

Remember a couple of weeks ago my Aunt Aneta found a scraggly little kitten lying in the middle othe road. We never expected him to survive. Well he sure proved us wrong and 3 weeks later here is "Bob" thusly named because he is a bob-tailed kitten.
Not my name of choice. Bob lives at my grandmother's house and my grandpa was the one who called him Bob and so everyone else just continue to called him that. Bob needs lots of care and I just didn't have the time with me working outside of the home and so he went to stay at my grandparents house. My mother also lives there so she takes care of Bob. He can not see very well but he gets around the best he can.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday

Not really much to show this week for Whatca Workin' On Wednesday. I did manage to make an Ohio State towel not really my thing but I have to make what sells and around here Ohio State stuff sells like hot cakes.

I have plans to make up a few of the gourd light. Thanks Cindy B for the ideas and tips. I took it to the booth last Friday and put up signing saying more coming soon I am keeping that one for me. Donnely said she had at leat 10 people ask to buy it. So now I just have to get the gourds. Friday I will be going to the Backwoods Fest where I'll be picking up as many as my car will hold.

Hubby has a few requests for some of his woodwork also. Now I've got to get his butt in gear and get him workin on projects too.
Thanks for the comments on my last post. I wrote down all your advice. i realsize I am stressing myself too much worrying about getting people to buy things. It wont be any fun if I'm stressin over so I'm just gonna chill and not worry. I mean we've only just started the bussiness of selling our wares so not everyone knows we are there yet. I have to give it time for the word to get out and let it happen on it own.
Well now that I've bored you to tears with my ramblings head on over and see what Leslie and the rest of the Wednesday bunch are workin on

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I seem to be having a creative block right now.I want to create a few things for my booth but nothing right now seems to be speaking to me. What I have there just doesn't seem to spark the interest so I wanted to add some new things. But right now I just wanna pull my hair out. I've looked at web sites,I've looked at magazines and even gone thru my own patterns but not one single thing says make me. I was gonna try and make one of the prairie dolls you see everywhere lately but even that is not working for me because I don't have a pattern for one and can't find one I like on the internet Any ideas ladies where to look?

What do you do to to get rid of your block? That is if you ever have one.

Wind Storms

Wow what a Sunday afternoon we had here is Ohio. A wind storm came thru our area with gust up to 70mph. The trees in my own front yard sufferd greatly. The wind snapped branchs like they were toothpicks. They fell right in front of the house and a few fell in the road but thank goodness none laned right on the house. Our town was one of the lucky ones we never lost power like so many of the other towns and counties. Some places could be without power clear up til the weekend. They say the wind storm was remnamts of Hurricane Ike. I sure hope we never experience that again any time soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today is a fitting day for my mood. It's rainy and dreary here in my part of Ohio. But the weather is not what has me feeling grouchy today. I have 2 iron's one is a regular full sized one and the other is a small one for hemming seams but not good for pressing out wrinkles. Well 2 days ago the big iron quit working. I thought fine no big deal I'll use the small one until pay day when I can get a new one. HA! Guess what quit working today. Yep the little one. And I am in the middle of hemming an Ohio State dish towel. So now I have to stop and figure out something else to work on that does not require an iron. GRRR! Don't ya just hate when your day starts out bad? Hope your day goes better than mine.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday

Remember the gourd I cut the star out of and painted mustard yellow well I just wasn't happy with it but wasn't sure what else to do with it. After seeing Cindy B's gourd light, I fell in love with it and I knew I had to make one. However I don't have all the supplies on hand to make one like her's but I did one similar using what I had. I scrubbed all the paint off and let it dry. Then I started makin it purty and now I am very pleased with it.
And next Friday when my friends and I head to the Backwoods Fest I am going to load up on gourds and make some like Cindy did. I can hardly wait.

That's about all I have for today other than the crate Wayne did for me. See him hard at work.
Isn't he just so wonderful to make things for me. This crate now hangs on the wall of our booth and holds some grubby jars and a couple hand towels. I'll have to get some pics so you can see how nice the booth is coming along.
Well thats all for now be sure to stop over and see what Leslie and the rest of the Wednesday Bunch are workin on.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Stitchery and a Survivor

Two weeks ago Kim put out a call to swap stitcherys and I answered that call. Kim stitched up this wonderful poem written by her daughter Emily and it is now hanging on my wall. In return I sent Kim a stitchery but forgot to take a pic before I sent it off. Shame on me! So it will be a surprise for Kim when she opens it. Hey Kim can you send me a picture of it when it arrives. Thanks bunches.

Now on to this little guy.

Last Thursday at 7am my aunt who was on her way to school came knocking on my door with this scraggly looking little ball of fur. She found him lying in the middle of the highway. He was very cold and shakey and breathing heavily. I wrapped him in some blankets and fed him some soy milk. As he got warmed up his head started to swell above his left eye which he could not open and he was barely able walk.We were not sure he was going to make it thru the day. But he proved us wrong and is getting stronger each day.He looks to be only about 2 to 3 weeks old. We think some animal may have taken him from his mother and dropped him on his head. He is a little bobtailed kitten. Today he was up and out of his box walking all over the floor.We weren't sure that he could see but his sight seems to be coming as his swelling goes down however we are not sure he can hear because he doesn't seem to follow sounds. But it may still be too soon to tell the extent of his injuries. He's such a little thing but seems to have a strong will to survive

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Great Giveaway

Kim is have 2 giveaways. Yes I said 2. The first is on her blog My Brown Bag Studio. She is giving away some great Fall goodies which I am going to win BTW but I figured I'd let ya know just so you can see what my prize will be, LOL.

And the second one is over on her Greensleeves blog. She is giving away some wonderful Halloween cup sleeves made by her. They are cute.

So hurry on over to both of her blogs for you chance to win one of her great prizes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jar labels.

Made up a few jar labels for my grubby jars and I thought I'd share them with you also.

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday

Don't really have alot to show this week except a few grubby jars. The grubby mixture is my own special blend of spices and coffee. They smell so good while making them. So far I have two finished and 2 that I am working on. I have one jar left to do. I am also considering making some feed sacks. found some labels that would look great on them. Maybe I'll get them done up by next week to show ya.

I do have a couple dish towels I am still working on so sorry no pics this time. And a stitchery I am working on for a swap Kim. Wow I guess I've got more going on than I thought. Now that ya know what I am working on stop over and see what Leslie and the rest of the Wednesday girls are doing.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A little advice please?

Since selling my homemade items is new to me I am asking for your help. Several of you have a website or shop and I was wondering what kind of items sell best for you? What draws your customers in? I have only just began but people look at my stuff and put it back down and then move onto the next booth. I want know what kind of things to make so that they come back for more? I do understand it will take time for the primitive business to take off around here because it's not a big market in my area but I would like to be able to sell a few things.
I am working on stitcheries, grubby jars and dish towels and some fixins? Are theses items sellers for you? Am I wasting my time? Help me figure out what sells?