Friday, September 12, 2008


Today is a fitting day for my mood. It's rainy and dreary here in my part of Ohio. But the weather is not what has me feeling grouchy today. I have 2 iron's one is a regular full sized one and the other is a small one for hemming seams but not good for pressing out wrinkles. Well 2 days ago the big iron quit working. I thought fine no big deal I'll use the small one until pay day when I can get a new one. HA! Guess what quit working today. Yep the little one. And I am in the middle of hemming an Ohio State dish towel. So now I have to stop and figure out something else to work on that does not require an iron. GRRR! Don't ya just hate when your day starts out bad? Hope your day goes better than mine.


  1. Do you have an old flat iron you could heat up on the stove???....Hope your day gets better!!~Wendy

  2. Cute pic! The way my sewing machine luck has been this week, I can realate. I should have taken a pic yesterday when there were three machines on my work table, in various states of usefullness, mine being the most useless!

    I hate those days!


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