Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pinwheel Tutorial

This is my first tutorial so please bear with me
Suplies needed:
Wonder Under
Two co-ordinating fabrics
sewing needle and button
thin wire and chopstick

Step 1.
Cut 3 squares:
One from fusible web(I use wonder under)
and two from 2 different farics. I made mine 5 inches but you can cut them any size you want.

Step 2.
Fuse your two fabric squares together.

Step 3. Fold your square in half twice to find center point.

Step 4.
Measure an cut 2 inches down from each corner using your center point as a guide. Do this on all four corners.

Step 5.
Next fold your points down to look like those in the picture and sew in place. Then attach your button.

Step 6 Now that your pinwheel is finished you can attach it to a stick if you want or leave it as is. I chose to wire mine to a chop stick.
Run a piece of thin wire through the holes of your button.

And wrap tightly around your stick a few times.

Now your all done.


  1. Thanks for posting this Jen, gonna try some in a little while since its pouring! LOVE your blue nail polish, have the same color on my toes:)

  2. Very cool! I love those... and might just have to try my hand at some this afternoon...

  3. Oh you're so sweet for posting this tutorial!! I'm going to try some tomorrow. :)
    Blessings to you~ Birgit

  4. great tutorial Jen!I was going to go looking for a tute about making pinwheels today but here I am... and I like how your blue fingernail polish is the finishing touch... very patiotic :)
    Have you read And Then There Were None?
    :) Missy
    ps. the word verification told me to gorest (go rest) so I think I better read that book today! lol!

  5. Thank you Jen for such a great tutorial. I will have to try those for sure.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed reading yours this morning.

    Have a great Monday!

  6. good job! i always wondered how they did that. now i can make some americana ones myself.

  7. Your pinwheels came out great Jen!
    Easy and fun to make aren't they. :)
    I don't even have any in my own home... :) I make them for everybody else!


  8. I've always wondered how to do this-thanks for the great tutorial-very easy to understand. Might try to make some for the 4th of July! ~*~Lisa


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