Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cherished treasures.

Believe it or not I am actually posting about something I did not make but something I treasure more than anything I have ever made. I was visiting Dawn and she posted a pic of a little black stool she found at a sale and it made me a bit nostalgic and reminded me of the little stool my FIL made as a christmas gift 14 yrs ago for my son who is now 16. Just a few months after he made the stool and matching chair he passed away with lung cancer. He was so proud to see his grandson enjoying those wonderful gifts. Once Brendan out grew the chair and stool they were put away until the time our youngset son was old enough and they were again used by Parker who never got to know his grandfather. Both my children have long since out grown these treasured items

They have weathered with use and time but I will not part with them because one day I am sure that when grandkids come along( in the very distant future) that they too will get use out these cherished heirlooms. But in the mean time they are once again in use by my cousin's little girl whom I babysit every Monday.

I'm sure that when my FIL made these he had no idea it would be a gift that kept on giving.


  1. What a sweet post! And what a treasured heirloom, as well as a treasured memory of a love one! Made me do a little reminiscing, myself! Thanks for sharing! ~~Annie

  2. How sweet a memory. Your story is heartwarming. I know your grandchildren will love the chair and stool as well.


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