Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet Treat Container

I turned this can(you can use any type of round or square container)
into this treat container
using some cotton twine and some decorative twill tape. You can use brown twine and ribbon if you prefer, but I like the look of the cotton twine so that is what I used.

Here's how I did it.
Cover your can with twine, using thin streams of hot glue to hold it in place. I only used hot glue at the beginning and end to hold my string in place because after removing the label the glue from the can held it in place but you may have to use a dap of glue once in awhile depending on your can , making sure to secure the beginning and end really well. Be careful not to  glob it down with too much glue. Pull the twine tightly, and wrap it well, and it will stay in place.
Using the glue gun, adhere twill tape or ribbon to the top and bottom rims of the can. Create your label, and mat on card stock and scrapbook paper. I have letter stencils I use but you could print it off on the computer, use vinyl lettering, foam stamps, or other method of lettering. Distress all edges, I have a distressing tool that I use then I ink around all four edges of the paper.
Punch holes in the sides of your label, and tie ribbon in a knot through the hole. Attach the label to the twine, using the small safety pins or hot glue. I used safety pins so the label could removed and the container can then be used for something else.

Now it's ready to be filled with goodies for your friends.

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