Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quick and easy gift bag tutorial

I made a few baked goods to give my friends for Christmas. I put them in clear cellophane bags but then I needed a bag to put all the goodies in. I goggled "Christmas treat bag containers" and several sites and ideas came up but there was nothing I really liked after viewing tons of links. Then an idea came to me. I can  make my own. But what could I use that was quick and easy? I wasn't really in the mood to sew and it would take more time than I had. So  I went on the hunt for supplies and I came across these brown lunch bags.Who doesn't have those bags lying around the kitchen? I knew I could figure out something to do with these bags and so here is what i cam up with.

                Quick and easy gift bag                                                
Items you will need: 
  • brown lunch bags
  • wrapping paper
  • adhesive
  • scissors
  • decorated label
  • ribbon (not shown) 
  • hole punch (not shown) 
 To get started apply adhesive to front of bag

Place bag face down onto your wrapping paper.

Trim around bag but be careful not to cut your bag, you don't want your goodies falling out.(don't ask me how I know this)
once your bag is all trimmed, apply your pretty label
and fold the top of your bag to the back.
Next punch two holes in the top of the bag
Put your goodies in the bag,
 poke the ribbon through the holes and tie it shut.
 An inexpensive and easy to make gift bag. These bags make up in no time and you can make with your kids. You can use any kind of wrapping paper.

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  1. really cute idea, I will have to save it in my folder of ideas for next year.
    Thanks for sharing.


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