Friday, July 10, 2009

Yard Sale finds.

Today I actually had time to go to some yard sales since I didn't have to work.And I found some great goodies. I was excited because I rarely find anything I want but today I hit the jackppot.

First we have an old wash board , a wooden bowl(I've wanted one for a long time.) and a couple little resin baskets.

A 3pc set of wooden books. Here's a close up of the baskets.

also a nice americana basket and a wooden star garland.

I have plans to redo this bench but I'm not sure what color I want yet. I'm thinking either a dark red with black dry brushed on it or maybe a navy blue with antique white dry brushed on it. Still deciding.

But my favorite item is this table.
I'm leaving it as it is because it's perfect. It's going to stay outside on my porch. Which is getting a make over soon.

Here is what I've already done with a few of my new goodies.

This is a shelf I have in my kitchen that I change with the seasons. This one is for the summer season. But it seems my white walls need a new color job.They just seems so bland to me lately.

My other shelf still needs some work.
As you can see the little door Wayne made me a few years ago needs a prim make over and so does the glass candle stick on the right. I'll get around to it soon. I hope. But I'm not sure yet what I'm going to replace the heart make do with. maybe a star one.


  1. Is this a new blog look? I likey-likey.
    As for your finds--way to go, Sister! You did really good today!

  2. It looks like you did hit the jackpot today! Woo Hoo!!! I wanted to go yard saling this morning but its thundering and getting ready to pour as I type. Guess I will just have to work on something inside here today.

    Take Care,

  3. Very craft girl!!! Darling the way you set them up!! I love doing that!! Really fun stuff at the garage sale too! I wanna paint that little bench - how cute is that!!
    Thank you for popping by my giveaway!! Although there isn't much on this giveaway that is is near and dear to my heart!! Love having and creating Americana!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Very good finds..I see them wash boards sellign at pretty high prices these days. Love you shelf diplay! I went to garage sale today..not too good of luck, but did find a like new wall fall arrangement for 50 cents..not a doubt professionally done too.

  5. Love your yard sale finds! And love your kitchen shelf! Just got through painting my kitchen!'s the WORST room to if you're thinking about it....I wish you luck! LOL! ~~Annie

  6. Oh my, I love these pics. I collect angels and those that you have are just gorgeous.


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