Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday

Not really much to show this week for Whatca Workin' On Wednesday. I did manage to make an Ohio State towel not really my thing but I have to make what sells and around here Ohio State stuff sells like hot cakes.

I have plans to make up a few of the gourd light. Thanks Cindy B for the ideas and tips. I took it to the booth last Friday and put up signing saying more coming soon I am keeping that one for me. Donnely said she had at leat 10 people ask to buy it. So now I just have to get the gourds. Friday I will be going to the Backwoods Fest where I'll be picking up as many as my car will hold.

Hubby has a few requests for some of his woodwork also. Now I've got to get his butt in gear and get him workin on projects too.
Thanks for the comments on my last post. I wrote down all your advice. i realsize I am stressing myself too much worrying about getting people to buy things. It wont be any fun if I'm stressin over so I'm just gonna chill and not worry. I mean we've only just started the bussiness of selling our wares so not everyone knows we are there yet. I have to give it time for the word to get out and let it happen on it own.
Well now that I've bored you to tears with my ramblings head on over and see what Leslie and the rest of the Wednesday bunch are workin on


  1. Hey Jen, if you're still looking for prairie doll patterns... I was just on and they have some great ones.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Ohio State? Oh, no! LOL I live in the heart of Penn State I know how that goes. Everything is PSU around here. It gets "annoying" sometimes. Of course my hubby has to be a Notre Dame fan so we're not allowed to have much PSU stuff here unless it's about ND creaming them! LOL

    The towel is cute, though. I like how you put the leaves and button on the O. A nice, girly touch :)

    Have a great day!

  3. Love your towel....very cute! It's a good thing when your work is being requested! Way to go! I hope you get alot accomplished!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Stop on over to my blog, you have been tagged.


  5. How quickly can you make things? I've been looking for a CUBS bandanna for my dog Huck to wear. A simple white bandanna with a CUBS colored name or something on it. Can you avoid trademark if you put on it: CUBS fan or something?

    IF a prototype was cute I'd order some and sell them at work. I'd eat the cost if they didn't sell.

    Is this an idea for the distant future? Something to think about

  6. Glad you could use Chestnut Junction! I have a number of her patterns, love them all.
    Still waitin for the stitcherie... makes it all the more exciting! I'll let you know when it arrives, and post pics to share!
    Have a great day, Kimberly


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