Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bob aka Kitty Update

Remember a couple of weeks ago my Aunt Aneta found a scraggly little kitten lying in the middle othe road. We never expected him to survive. Well he sure proved us wrong and 3 weeks later here is "Bob" thusly named because he is a bob-tailed kitten.
Not my name of choice. Bob lives at my grandmother's house and my grandpa was the one who called him Bob and so everyone else just continue to called him that. Bob needs lots of care and I just didn't have the time with me working outside of the home and so he went to stay at my grandparents house. My mother also lives there so she takes care of Bob. He can not see very well but he gets around the best he can.


  1. What a little darling... I am SUCH a cat person! Thanks for the update! Check my girlfriend's blog, it's on my blog list... Just D'andy... one of her older posts was about a kitten too... right around the same time that Bob came into your life!
    Did ya see my post yesterday? I got your lovely stitcherie... thanks so much! It's up on my wall right near where I do all my stitchin... great for inspiration.
    Take care, Kimberly

  2. What a cutie pie!!! It was meant to be!!! I just love cats!! They are the best!! I hope that you stop on by, and who knows maybe we can exchange links!!! Would love to have you visit me!!! :)

    Many Blessings.......
    Lori Hull


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