Monday, September 1, 2008

A little advice please?

Since selling my homemade items is new to me I am asking for your help. Several of you have a website or shop and I was wondering what kind of items sell best for you? What draws your customers in? I have only just began but people look at my stuff and put it back down and then move onto the next booth. I want know what kind of things to make so that they come back for more? I do understand it will take time for the primitive business to take off around here because it's not a big market in my area but I would like to be able to sell a few things.
I am working on stitcheries, grubby jars and dish towels and some fixins? Are theses items sellers for you? Am I wasting my time? Help me figure out what sells?


  1. I know where I live, Primitive decorating is not for everyone. What sells best for me are my homemade room sprays, scented rose hips and most important my homemade grubby candles. I think I have made well over 50 grubby candles so far. Everyone LOVES them!

    I find only time will will get your clientele, trust me, once they get to know you and what your products are all about.

    Good Luck and keep us posted ;)


  2. I guess the best thing is to see what they are buying. What are they being drawn to in the next booth? Try something that you don't see. I make things I like not necessarily what everyone else likes. BUT I then keep a lot of what I make because it doesn't always sell. Go to a local prim/country shop and ask what sells for them. I just look around on the internet and see what is selling like on ebay or etsy shops.


  3. I have not tried to sell my stuff yet. I get a lot of people bugging me about it but it's just not something I have jumped into yet.

    The thing that gets me to buy first is that it has to call to me. The item has to just jump at me and then I must feel the price is right. I don't buy unless I like the price. It has to be worth it! I'm also careful about what I buy...I want it to be something that I cannot create myself. Of course not many create that go shopping so you might not have that issue.

    I just think you need to do something a tad bit different but not too out there. Add to things that are already big sellers to make them better. Try different colors or more popuar ones. Try using the same idea in many different ways to appeal to many people.

    Good luck!

  4. I know nothing about your market but I know I look at alot of stuff that I don't buy. I have worked craft shows in the past and there are shows where no one buys anything and others where you can't keep enough stuff set out. It just depends on the crowd/client of the day. I'd say make sure you have a variety of items. Have you tried Ebay or Etsy? They reach more people and I hear that they are successful as a majority. Good luck!

  5. Hi Jen! Just wanted to let you know that I got your stitcherie in the mail today and it's on its way! I really hope you like it! Can't wait for our swap to be complete!

    And as for "advice"... I've been selling my Brown Bag Bibs and handpainted items for almost 11 years now and each and every sale event is different! Honestly, I never know what people will go for... the last market I was at a couple weekends ago, I sold almost 30 bibs and gift sets, and only 2 items from my table with painted items. The fee for that table was a complete waste of money! And if I do say so myself, it's all great stuff!

    One thing I know for sure is that it's all about your display. Everything on your table could be free, but if your display isn't the hottest one at the market, then it won't matter, because no one will come into your booth. Get REALLY creative with your display stands, risers, and containers and people will come!

    I have a couple of pics on my blog, back on July 25 showing a bit of my Christmas Open House... maybe something will jump out at you...?

    All the best!


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