Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Stitchery and a Survivor

Two weeks ago Kim put out a call to swap stitcherys and I answered that call. Kim stitched up this wonderful poem written by her daughter Emily and it is now hanging on my wall. In return I sent Kim a stitchery but forgot to take a pic before I sent it off. Shame on me! So it will be a surprise for Kim when she opens it. Hey Kim can you send me a picture of it when it arrives. Thanks bunches.

Now on to this little guy.

Last Thursday at 7am my aunt who was on her way to school came knocking on my door with this scraggly looking little ball of fur. She found him lying in the middle of the highway. He was very cold and shakey and breathing heavily. I wrapped him in some blankets and fed him some soy milk. As he got warmed up his head started to swell above his left eye which he could not open and he was barely able walk.We were not sure he was going to make it thru the day. But he proved us wrong and is getting stronger each day.He looks to be only about 2 to 3 weeks old. We think some animal may have taken him from his mother and dropped him on his head. He is a little bobtailed kitten. Today he was up and out of his box walking all over the floor.We weren't sure that he could see but his sight seems to be coming as his swelling goes down however we are not sure he can hear because he doesn't seem to follow sounds. But it may still be too soon to tell the extent of his injuries. He's such a little thing but seems to have a strong will to survive


  1. Afternoon,

    The Stitchery looks Great! Can't wait to see the pic of the one you Stitched.

    Oh what a cutie! I hope that he makes it, keep us updated!


  2. Jen, he is so sweet! Are you planning to keep him? What will you call him? Something worthy of his adventures I'm sure!
    Thank you for posting a pic of the stitchery! I really hope you like it!
    ...can't wait for the mail to come!

    All the best, Kimberly

  3. What a great stitichery!!!

    What a cute little kitty.


  4. So sweet....the homeless make the best pets! Beth

  5. Oh Jen, what a kind heart you have! The kitty is adorable and lucky to have you! I'm glad it pulled through!

    I love the stitchery too! It's wonderful!

    Have a great Weds!

  6. what a sweet llittle kitty. i sure hope he makes it. keep us posted please.

  7. That is a cute little poem! Very nice.

    Years ago....like 6 or 7 because Shane was about 2 at the time, we found an abandoned kitten. His mother left him underneath the trailer in the underbelly. Like she or some other animal had torn a hole in the plastic and they were up in there. Shane was to be taking a nap but he kept saying, "Here kitty, kitty! Meow. Meow!" to me. I didn't get it until I went in his bedroom and I heard a cat! It sounded like it was under his bed. It wasn't our cats. I realized it was coming from underneath the trailer and went to investigate. The little guy came out a bit and peeked at us. I left him there and hours passed and the momma still had not come back for him. So I coaxed him out and brought him the house. Jeremy wasn't thrilled because we had several cats already! LOL I then sent him to Wal-Mart late that night for the canned milk for cats and started feeding him by dropper every 3-4 hours (Like a baby! I was up in the middle of the night and all!) From the research we did, I found that the little guy was only about 3 weeks old. He was blind as a bat because it was pitch black under the trailer and his eyes weren't really ready to work yet either. It took time but I got him on regular food and he grew up. He was the biggest, most beautiful and sweetest cat...until he was hit and killed on the road :( I will never forget nursing Taylor back to health, though.

    Enjoy your little guy!

    Have a great day!


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