Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I seem to be having a creative block right now.I want to create a few things for my booth but nothing right now seems to be speaking to me. What I have there just doesn't seem to spark the interest so I wanted to add some new things. But right now I just wanna pull my hair out. I've looked at web sites,I've looked at magazines and even gone thru my own patterns but not one single thing says make me. I was gonna try and make one of the prairie dolls you see everywhere lately but even that is not working for me because I don't have a pattern for one and can't find one I like on the internet Any ideas ladies where to look?

What do you do to to get rid of your block? That is if you ever have one.


  1. Hi Jen, maybe try Chestnut Junction? You could always modify one to suit your style... hope this helps!
    Good luck! Kimberly

  2. I love-love-love your header. Don't you think these little gourds would sell? I do.
    she has free raggedy ann patterns. Maybe she has others, as well. Maybe you could adapt her pattern. You are quite crafty, you know!

  3. Have you tried looking on "Country Sampler" Forum...You could try "Prim Mart" forum and grab some ideas there. Hope this helps, lately my creative juices have been hit or miss.

    Enjoy your Tues,

  4. hey!!...your lamp turned out fantastic!! Make some more of those.. I used to make dolls from a very basic pattern..very basic, because I was just learning to sew! LOL..anyway..I stuck them in lamp arrangments also...they flew off the shelves.I also made hazelruthes vintage shoes, stuck them in basket lamos with my mas baby picture..and ivy& pips and they sold well also. I guess the best thing..is tot try something different you can't see others selling...seems the buy sell all looks the same after a while, and I don't know about what you think, but there is just too much of the samo samo primitive stuff...like sheep, stars and saltoxes.. I really like them, but the market is so flooded right now.....which is why I know your gourd would sell! It sure turned out cute!

  5. i love the towel. great job!!
    i hope you dont mind if i add you to my blog roll. :)


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