Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Got another bag

I know your gonna get tired of seeing all these library bags I'm making but I enjoy showing hem off.
This bag I decided to round the corners. I'm trying to use nice bright summery colors and use my sash up.

And here is the insde. It could be reversible if you wanted.

Now I'm going to rant a bit so don't mind me. I said before I wanted to use my stash well actually I have to because soon my fabric source will be gone. You see I work in the fabric department of a local retailer ( I don't need to name them I'm sure the majority of you know wnho I mean.) and they will no longer be carrying fabric. Which means I have to drive 30 minues to the nearest fabric store instead of picking it up while at work. Mind you 30 minutes is not that far to drive if you have the time but when I work Tuesday through Saturday 9 hrs a day and babysit on Mondays I have one day to get my house work done and spend sometime with the family it's kind of hard to get on the other side of town to buy fabric.It's a bit frustrating but it's a good thing I've got quite a stash going on.

Have a Nice day.


  1. very cute! I made some library bags for the kids a few years ago, and we use them not as much as we thought ;-)

  2. so cute... I love the bright colors... and why can't stores leave well enough alone... :(
    please keep showing them, I love seeing them



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