Monday, April 4, 2011


My day didn't start of to well this morning. I get my 12 year old up a 6:30  every morning to get ready for school.Well when the alarm went of  I thought I hit the snooze button but I actually turned it of and it was 7:03 when I got him up. He leaves for the bus stop at 7:10. Talk about a mad rush to get ready this morning. He made it though, Thank goodness.
And now it seems I've got a cause of  I don't wanna. I've got a million things that need done and I just don't wanna do any of it.There are 3 dolls that I need to make for an order, several swap items for a couple of swaps I'm in, some cleaning that needs done and all I feel like doing is going back to bed and staying there all day. Of course that can't happen because my kiddos will be here in an hour and a half. And once they arrive I'll get no rest because they keep me hoppin.
The temperature is supposed  to be around 70 but stormy today here in my part of Ohio. Just when we get nice temps there is a 90% chance of rain. Go figure, guess it fits my mood today.


  1. Hi Jen! sounds like a Monday to me. Getting a slow start myself. Maybe another cup of coffee will get me going? Hope your day/week gets better! TTYS

  2. Hummmmm....take a deep breath, pick one thing to do today after the sweeties leave. Are you still wanting to go some where Wed? I love the background on your blog.. have a hug!

  3. The rain definitely has an effect on us! Hope you've had sun since! In your eulogy will they say, "..she always had clean dishes on hand..." or "...she was so creative and was such a great mom!". I think the second! Love your offspring & be sure to take time for you! (use paper plates this summer!) Take Care ~*~Lisa


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