Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What a week.

Wow has it really been a week since my last post? I have been busy doing spring cleaning. I have lots of stuff ready to go to the Goodwill but still lots more to go.But I'm doing a little at a time since I also have dolls to create.

Speaking of dolls I have a couple to show you. I had hoped to have more but with everything else going on this week it I didn't have as much time as I had hoped. But I plan to get more done this week.

Night Time Annie

Angel Annie

Sorry Kathy these two are for the May 2nd show but I am working on one for you I promise. I'll give ya a sneak peak.

She is my own pattern and is 10 1/2 inches. I have to paint her legs and sew her clothes then you can have a look at her and tell me if you want her.

I have sold both of my smaller Annies- "Sally Ann" and "Alice Ann" at the quilt shop. So I have to get more ready for them also. Wow I never thought I'd have a waitng list for my dolls. I am having so much fun creating these ladies and of course gentleman too. And I have so many ideas for all the dolls I want to create. I can hardly wait to finish one just so I can start work on another.

Well I'm of to go create some more. Hope you are out enjoying the sunshine.Have a wonderful day.


  1. You are really making me one! I AM so thrilled. Fantastic. No time frame. just knowing I can buy one is enough! WAHOO

    They are so cute.
    The littler the better for me!

  2. Oh, those are all so cute, Jen! I love the night time Annie, she's my favorite. (I love her little jammies and blankie!)

  3. your dolls are so incredible, Everyone is cuter then the last, I love coming here to see what you haave done next!!! You are quite the artist my friend

  4. Your dolls are so cute!
    Hey, you are a part of the swap from Viv too.

    I sent you a mail because I have news for you. Guess what.... your swap package is on the way!

    oh, and I show a german doll group on http://sammelleidenschaft.blogspot.com if you are interested.

  5. hi Jen
    I have gone through your blog and I LOVE your sweet annie dolls and your prim dolls!! Great job. I can't wait to see more!


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