Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whatca Workin On Wednesday

I made this doll in memory of my grandfather.

Her dress and hair bows are made from one of his shirts. I am making one for my Grandma, Mom and all of my Aunts and Uncles and cousins using his clothes. I made this tag to go with her.That adds up to over 20 some dolls. So I'll be busy for awhile but it's something I'm willing to do. I've decided to use the shirt scraps to make a quilt for Grandma after all the dolls are done. It's something I can do to still feel close to my Grandpa.

In other news we are snowed in.
Finally I've got something I can show for Wednesday. It's been a very long time since I had anything at all to share.
We have snow and way more ice than I care to have. The kids have been off of school for two days now and My Dh did not have to in to work today and I just decided to call off. I'm not gonna risk driving in this stuff. I'm staying in where it's nice and warm. Wayne ventured out this morning and brought in a piece of ice at least a 1/2 inch thick. At one time we were under a Level 3 snow emergency, which means no one is allowed on the roads unless they are emegency personel this eans the Sherrif, ambulances or firetrucks.But believe it or not some people just have to venture out anyway. Not me I'm one to stay home if they tell me too. My two uncles are without powe and not sure when it will come back on. We don't lose power too often so we are one of the lucky ones

Well I'm off to make a few more dolls. So I'll catch ya later -stay warm.


  1. Aww Jen, what a GREAT idea. She is precious AND priceless!!

  2. Jen,
    What a wonderful thing you are doing for you family members & such a lovely tribute to your grandpa. I'm in by the fire, too. There's no place I would rather be than home. Have a wonderful evening and stay safe and warm.


  3. What a great idea Jenn! Those will be very special keepsakes!

    My grandfather was notorious for hiding the last piece of any puzzle just so he could be the one to finish it off. After he passed away and my mom went through his closets, there were puzzle pieces here and there in the pockets of his shirts. Your plaid dolly made me think of him.

    I hope you're staying warm and I'm glad you're keeping busy!

    Hugs, Kimberly

  4. Such a beautiful doll and such a fantastic way to remember a very special person.
    My prayers are with you and your family.

  5. Jen,

    That doll is precious and how special that is dedicated to the memory of your grandfather!

    That looks like alot of snow. We got some ice, then snow on top. That was our first one this year. It's melting though.


  6. Jen when we visited the States recently I was like a big kid with the red cardinals...they are just gorgeous aren't they. We dont have them here in Oz. Your Annie is a real cutie too by the way...hugs Khris


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