Monday, February 2, 2009

The Letter "M"

Hi everyone!Well, here it is February already , can you believe it? January wasn't the best month for me.So I'm glad to see it go. Things can only get better.
I asked Rondell to give me a letter. She gave me the letter M. She really made me think on this one. I thought I'll never come up with 10 things I like that start with the letter M. But once I sat down I actually came up with more but I'll only share the top 10. Thanks Rondell.

1. Me-I always make sure to take time for myself because if I'm not happy then my guys aren't happy. LOL

2. My family-They are the most important thing to me, my reason for living. They give me great joy and I miss those that are no longer with us.

3. Mom- We may not always agree on everything but she is more than just my mother she is my friend.

4.Megan- she is my youngest cousin but is more like a little sister and I love her dearly

5.Mystery- I love reading mystery books. Right now I am reading the Molly Murphy series by Rhys Bowman.

6.Music- I enjoy listening to heavy metal which surprises most people. They think I look more like the country type but that just goes to show looks can be deceiving. I'm just not into country.

7. Money- well I don't really love money but I need it to suport my sewing habbit.LOL

8.Memories- making memories can be fun and is important they help biuld character and give us something to reflect on.

9. Movies- we don't go to a lot of movies but we do rent a few DVDs every Sunday for our weekly family night. It's just one more way we are creating memories for my family.

10. Muffins- I love eating muffins, they go great with my morning tea.


Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comments.