Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Year and a new direction

Well folks 2009 is almost over and that means a new year is coming 2009 did not start off so well for my family with the passing of my grandfather on the 2nd of January and then hubby was in the hospital for a week. Later in the year we lost one of our cats and my grandmother had to have knee surgery and then spent time in the hospital for another reason. So here's hoping 2010 treats us better.
With the new year approaching I'd like to take this blog in a new direction. Don't worry I'll still post my creations but I also want to post some recipes, host a few swaps, and tell you a little more about the happenings in my family's life. I hope to even have a giveaway or two. I hope you'll stop by often and say hello.

Now for a bit of Christmas news.
The W household had a wonderful Christmas this year. The boys got all the video games they had asked for and a few other great gifts. Even Mr W. got things he wanted and he surprised me with a ring(pics later). Usually I know most of the things he gets me because it's very hard for him to keep secrets when it comes to gifts. But this year he managed to hold his tongue and I was totally surprised when I opened the ring. I had no idea I was getting it. I love it and have been showing it off to anyone willing to look at it. It's the first piece of jewelry he has given me since we became engaged 18years ago. But I forgive him because he makes up for it in other ways. Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas.

Tomorrow we are off on our yearly trip to Washington PA and Wheeling WV. We go shopping there every year. It's something we started several years ago and it's become a family tradition. The boys really look forward to it and so do I for that matter. The area we go to has really grown in the last few years and we enjoy seeing what new stores have come since we were there the year before. Hopefully the weather holds out. Mr W says they are calling for snow showers. Say it ain't so It can't snow on the day we take our trip. There has yet to be bad weather in the last 5 years so it just can't happen now.

I must go get ready for work now. See you in the new year. Happy 2010 to you and your family. Stay Safe blogging friends.

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