Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life Lessons

I am thankful to have You, my friends. All who comment on and read this blog. I thank you! I have told Mr W. so many times what a warm and loving community of folks blog land is. That is completely true. I however do need to try to comment back as much as I possibly can. and if I miss you it is not intentional! Life comes at me some days.
As it has in the last few weeks. I haven't said much about what has happened with my family lately but I feel I need to get it off my chest. My husband lost his job on July 14th. After nine years of hard work, long hours and busting his butt and being stressed to the point of being constantly grouchy to please these people he was let go for a very stupid reason. Each year the week of July fourth his former employer would shut down for a week and most of the employees got the whole week off which was not always the case with my husband, sometimes he had to work to fix mistakes and screw ups the bosses made.
Well this year they shut down and for once gave Mr W. the week off also. So we headed to Kentucky for four days of camping (which we really enjoyed). We left on Saturday and returned on Tuesday but supposedly while we were gone they say that they called him to tell him he had to work the following Thursday and Friday. We have caller id and cell phones which show no record of any phone calls from them.
So when he returned to work the following Monday he was let go because he missed two days of work and did not call off.
Let me ask you how can a company fire someone when they did not even know they were supposed to work? Then they tell him they might be able to get him his job back. Might? They were in the wrong but yet it's his fault and they MIGHT be able to give him his job back but they had to talk to corporate office . Ha what a laugh- I told him after all the time he's put in there that this was there way of showing their appreciation , he was not going to wait around for them to decide that they might let him come back. So the very next day he went job hunting and found another job that is less stressful but also less pay. He was there about a week and then his former employer calls to say that they have decided at this time they can not let him return to work but maybe in the future they may reconsider. Mr W. said it felt good to be able to tell them that he already had a job. He said they sounded surprised when he told them, guess they expected him to sit around waiting on their call.

As I said though this job is less pay but I am thankful that his did manage another job so quick however now we have to cut back on our expenses which we have been working on so far and I do have to say it does feel as a little freeing.I know that we might find times when we may be a little low on cash but I feel we will make it through this and learn to be more self sufficient.

If there is one thing we are learning from this situation it is we can get buy with less and still be just as happy.

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