Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whacha Workin on Wednesday and a wake up call

Wow I haven't done a Whacha Wednesday in a while but I just had to show you my lastest creations.

First is something Mr. W made for me using an old wooden hanger as the pattern. It once belonged to my great grandmother. Look I didn't have to prim this one since time took care of that for me.

I will have to work on primming the new on though. I plan on having him make me more to use in the shop so we can get rid of those ugly plastic hangers. I like my prim ones much better.

Next up is a dress I made because the hanger was just too bare and it's been on my to-do list since this summer.
Hey better late than never right? I drew up the pattern and then stitched it up. I still have to hem the skirt and add a few buttons and then it's good to go.Some of you may ask why would I want to make a dress that doesn't fit anyone? Well if your a prim lover than you understand completely. And for those of you who aren't prim lovers, it's just part of the prim decor we all love decorating with so much. I am working on an apron to go over top the dress which doesn't look like much right now but I'm saving that for another post another day.

Now on to my wake up call,no it's not a reality wake up call; it's an actual 6:30am wake up call.
Usually at 6:30 in the morning I am up getting the boys ready for their day at school but due to snow school was on a two hour delay so I was thrilled to get a few hours extra sleep but Mr W. calls to say that he thinks transmission just blew in his truck. So much for sleeping in. Off I head to pick him up and bring him back home. It was missed day of work for him because he had to get a friend to help tow the truck home and we are now a one car family.I will hand over my car to him until we can find another vehicle for him to drive. Thank goodness I only work 10 minutes from home so getting a ride for me is not as hard as getting one for him since he works 45 minutes away. And here we were hoping our Bad January Mojo* was going away.

* Bad January Mojo- most of our bad luck for the year always seems to happen in January but at least we get it out of the way early and the rest of the year seems to go smoothly. LOL


  1. Jen,
    I feel for you! Back in October my transmission when in my car and we were down to one vehicle for about a month. Jer was able to get rides and they allowed him to borrow the company sales car so I could use the truck, but he complained a lot. He wanted his truck back! I was so happy to get another car. It's so hard being down to one!

    The hangers are cute and perfect for Prim dresses and such! Love it!

    Have a great day :)


  2. Jen,
    Hi I'm your partner for the vintage valentine swap did you get my email?


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