Thursday, June 10, 2010

It’s been oh so long.

Hi Y’all, nope not form the south I’m a Yankee born and bred but I liked the sound of it so I went with it. It’s been several months since I’ve posted anything worth reading so I’m not even sure I have any readers left. I guess I moved away from blogging for awhile but that bloggin’ bug is back. I’m trying the simple living aka frugal and country living thing. I’m sure there is a better name for it but I don’t know what it is. I’ve started making my own household cleaners with items I have on hand. No pics right now but soon I hope to have recipes and ideas a plenty to share with everyone. I hope I don’t bore you with all my ramblings but I’m not gonna make you any promises.

Right now I have no tips, tricks or antics to share but I can tell you about my enjoyable date with my hubby late Sunday. It’s not what you would call a typical date but when you’ve been married 18yrs and don’t get to spend a lot of time together due conflicting work schedules you take any time you can get.

Sunday morning we planned to head to the cemetery to remove the Memorial day flowers from my Grandpa’s grave(oh how I dearly miss him) because I reuse them each holiday. I just don’t see the sense in paying lots of money on something and then letting the cemetery throw them away. Since we have to pass by a Bob Evans on the way to get there we made a quick decision to have breakfast because we both neglected to eat it at home. It’s always a treat to eat out with Wayne since it’s not something we get to do very often. After our enjoyable breakfast we headed to the cemetery. Mind you it had rained a lot that morning and I had to walk through a lot of soggy grass to reach Grandpa’s grave. I had very wet shoes and wrinkly toes. Not a very good idea to wear flimsy cloth shoes after a heavy down pour.

After taking care of business there we decided to go to our local Tractor Supply and Lowe’s just to have a look around, yea I know not your most romantic type of date but I enjoy going to those places and looking around so it works for me and I’ll go anywhere that makes the man happy just to spend some quality time with him. Then we drove out to route 4o for some yard sales. It was there annual yard sale weekend along the National Road. We stopped in the small town of Brownsville.We stopped at several yard sales and I ended up with some pretty great treasures.

1. A nice large basket for my yarns.
As you can see I already have some yarn in there. It's for making bird knitted nests. But that's another post for another day.

2. Two Large mason jars- The bigger size I’ve been wanting for awhile now.

3.A wooden chair for my sewing table to replace the cheap metal that broke last fall.

Yea it’s a little ugly but I have plans to purty it up and besides it’s comfy and ya can’t beat $3.

One more little itty bitty item that was bought but I wont bore you anymore buy showing a phone cord and mainly because I didn’t take a picture of it anyway.

After the buying my goodies we headed home but stopped for ice cream on the way and Wayne bought me a blueberry sundae and he had a yucky flavored milkshake made with a certain red berry I refuse to name because I can’t stand the thought of them. All I’m saying is that it was not raspberry. Anyway it was a very nice ending to a lovely day spent with my husband.

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  1. I just two jars exactly like those a few weeks ago. I wish mine were $3 each!

    I think your blog is really cute. Hope you get back to posting regularly. =)


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