Friday, June 11, 2010

Gathering of flowers

I decided today to gather some flowers for my kitchen table because it was looking a little bare. And I thought it needed a touch of summer. So I took little walk to the field behind our house.

That grass is as tall as I am and I'm considered a shorty at 5'1".

While picking the flowers I found a nice surprise

Yes those are wild raspberries. I did eat a few. Now that I know they are there I will be gathering some for a nice breakfast treat.

And I spotted this poor lonely ole lily . It's a lovely shade of peach.

One the way back to the house I visited with our cuddly lion Titan.

Poor guy has gone blind in his old age. But his sense of smell and hearing have gotten pretty good.

Back to house we go to put my purty smelling flowers on my table.

Notice I found a use for one of my new jars. Aren't they lovely.

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