Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fruit Tree Spray

Got this info from my very knowledgeable friend Brooke. Thought it might help someone who has fruit trees.

Homemade Soap Spray for Fruit Trees
By spraying a little bit of soap mixed with a gallon or more of water onto fruit trees, gardeners add a slick residue to fruit and leaves that makes pest nests nearly impossible.

Garlic Spray
Some growers mix garlic with regular soap spray, which helps deter insects from even coming close to the tree. The garlic scent is used to ward off insects, but if they do venture to take a bite, they'll taste a nasty combination of soap and garlic.

Chili Spray
Adding chili powder to soap spray makes the solution even more potent and distasteful. This combination can possibly prevent larger animals from eating the fruit, too.

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