Monday, April 8, 2013

Today's dirt patch~

Tomorrows garden.
 To some it may just look like a big ole patch of dirt but to me it looks like food on my table.
Yesterday while I was working the hubby aka Mr Chainsaw tilled our garden. I am so excited to get ready for planting. I haven't yet decided what all will go in this year. For sure peppers, onions and tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and green beans but I want a few other things too.
He also tilled a small unused area of our yard for me to plant what ever I wish. I may plant more veggies or I may put in a few herbs. I am still a bit undecided yet. I have a bit to do to prepare it for planting yet but I can't wait to get my fingers in there and do some digging.


  1. Every year I plan a garden and never do anything about it. Maybe this year. =)

    Yours looks like the perfect size.


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