Wednesday, April 10, 2013

~ PIGBERT ~ my newest creation

~ PIGBERT ~ A Moonbeam Hollow orginal design.(formerly Purty Girl Primitives). This little piigie is 12 inches long and has been white washed and then stained for a one of a kind look.And once I hit 500 likes on my facebook page A Life Made from Scratch I will be giving him away to one lucky winner.So spread the word and help me hit 500. 

So why am I not giving him away on my Moonbeam Hollow page? Well I just recently created that page and don't have too many likes there yet. The page is a work in progress but eventually I will move all my creation there under the new name and keep my other page for recipes, daily happenings and other things. But I am moving in baby steps with it right now. I do hope you'll take the time to stop over and check out both pages and help me reach my goal. And be sure to spread the word.

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