Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hope Anne

Another new doll. This is my Breast Cancer doll. It is an Emily Franz pattern tweaked just a bit to suit me.I made it in honor of my great grandmother Bertha Evans who was a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed when she was in her 60's. She had to have one removed and you would never have known she ever had breast cancer because she never complained or let it slow here down. She passed away at the age of 96 from natural causes.
Also this doll is in honor of my friend Donnely who is also a survivor. I cherish her friendship so much and am overjoyed to have her in my life. She is a huge inspiration to me.

Of course i couldn't get out of here without showing more pictures of my new kitties. Rascals is more like it. But aren't they adorable?


  1. Omgosh Jen,

    She is beautiful! I have tears in my eyes! I adore her, and you my friend are so very special! Here's to all those who went before and hugs and strength for those now, lets hope for no one in the future!
    love and huge dragon hugs

  2. Your doll is adorable, but I'm in love with your kittens. They are the cutest things ever!

  3. Your Doll is so Sweet! Your kittens look like good snugglers too :)

    Thanks for the well wishes and prayers, DH is doing so much better today!

  4. every doll you make is just more beautiful than the last, you have found your niche!!!


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