Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Additions

Well I am finally able to show you the doll I made Donnely for her birthday last week. She collects witches and so I knew I had to make one for her.
I havene't made any this week because I figured I had better follow the doctors orders and give my shoulder a rest. It does feel much better and so I will start back to doll making as soon as my busy schedule allows.

I want to introduce 2 new additions to my family. Whickers(black male) and Ginger(female calico). Whickers is a shy kitty and prefers to keep to himself when he is not playing with Ginger. He likes to just sit back and watch the action.
She on the other hand is a very sociable kitty. She has already decided that she her bed is my bed.She is so funny to watch hopping and prancing around like she owns the place.
They are about 2 months old and will be long haired mitten paws.


  1. Jen, the doll is adorable, I am sure that Donnely loves her.
    Whiskers and Ginger are gorgeous kitties, please give them a brushing for me. Hugs,

  2. The dolly witch is too cute.

    Whiskers and Ginger are so cute. Please show pictures of them curled up together sleeping. I always wanted to get two kittens so they would do that. I'll live it through you!

  3. I love the witch and if you ever want to make another I will be glad to buy it I collect witches!!


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