Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Say What?!

Some of you may remember in another post I mentioned my right shoulder bothering me.Well I finally went to the doctor to get it checked out and it seems I have Brusitis. The doctor gave me a cortizone shoot and told me to take it easy and try not to use my arm for a week. Say What?! LOL I almost laughed in his face. Like that is going to happen. I am right handed and can not go with out using it. I have WAY TOO MUCH to do to get ready for the June street fair. I wont be doing any extreme sewing like I did last month but there is no way I can just put everything aside for a week. I'll just have to pace myself I guess. I sure don't want my shoulder flaring back up because that was quite painful but I can not stop completely either.

I did manage to get a little cutie done before I went to the doctor though. She was a birthday gift for my very best friend and Mentor Donnely. However blogger doesn't seems to be working right now so I can't show you the picture of it. It is a cute little Annie witch. Donnely collects Halloween itmes all year round.

Hope you all had a nice Mother's day. I had to work but it was nice once I got home. My 9 year old made me a booklet and wrote a poem for me at school. In the poem he wrote I wished for a butler. LOL. I laughed. What would I do with a butler? He is such a funny boy. He makes me laugh everyday with the things he comes up with. One day last week he forgot to bring his school work home. He was so sure that someone had stolen it on the bus cause he just knew that he had put it in his book bag. Mind you his lunch box was still in his bookbag. Now why would they steal the homework instead of the Spiderman lunch box? Kids say the darnest things.LOL

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  1. Oh so funny. The steroid shot will really help. TRY not to overuse the limb. You will regret it later. The show will go on, my dear!


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