Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've got nothing.

I have nothing to share with you today. Why? you ask, well that's a good question and the answer is my sewing machine and I are on the outs at the moment. I want it to work but it has decided to take a break. And now is not a good time for it to start acting up. I have Halloween costumes to work on and orders to fill for the shop. Hubby is going to look at it tonight when he gets of work, if he's not too tired that is. He has been work 10 to 13 hours days and he's exhausted by the time he gets home. Hopefully it' a simple fix because I just can't afford to get a new one at this time.

Sorry for such a short but I have to go get ready for work. I am finishing the last day of an 8 day work week. Let me tell you I am so ready for the next two days off.
Take care and have a happy Wednesday.


  1. I'm so sorry about your sewing machine & hope that it can be easily fixed.


  2. Jen,

    Machines are wonderful when they work, but when they don' kind of shatters all our plans! I hope it's nothing to fix and is up and going for you soon!



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