Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bet you thought...

I had abandoned you. In a sense I did. These last few weeks I just didn't feel like myself. My creativity or my desire to create had pretty much gone by the wayside. I had no deisre to do anything but lay on the couch when I was not at work. I didn't even feel much like being online or even around my friends. I have read none of my blogs and I have not even gone to the shop. I told no one about what I was feeling. I guess I just had a little bit of a mental melt down. But then it could also be a result of what is going on in my life and it just finally caught up with me. Without going into too much detail I will say that my DH right now is not able to drive so I have to take him to work every morning. This means getting up at 5 am after getting off work at 11pm the night before and sometimes not falling into bed til midnight. Then having to go pick him up from work and take him to meetings 4 days a week. So I am always running and it seems I never have a moment to myself lately and I guess I brain just shut down and decided it was taking a break from doing anything more than it had to.

But the last few days I have finally started to feel human again and have started to work on things again and I must say it feels pretty good. When creativity hits it sure comes back with a vengance. Because this week I made a baby blanket and started knitting on a Christmas present. I am also making doll clothes for some prim rabbits my grandma has to give to a couple of the great- grand daughters for Christmas and I have started making things for my Secret Santa Swap (yes I've fallen behind on that) and I am working on a few ornies for the shop. WOO what alot of stuff but I feel I am up to it. I am so ready to get back to creating.

Now I am off to get caught up on my blog reading which will take me a week to do. LOL Have a great day. I know I will now that I feel like myself again.


  1. Jen!!!!!!!!

    Welcome back girlie! I wondered whatcha were upto! Ive felt the same way you have, for different reasons of course, but the same nonetheless!!

    Keep your head up, things will get better, Im here if ya ever wanna vent or talk:)

  2. Welcome back, Jen! I'm sorry that things have you down right now. I hope things pick up and you get your creativity back.



  3. I've felt like that...once I never stitched for a whole year, I guess I was just burnt out:) Love when it goes away though.
    Welcome back!

  4. Hey, Glad your back, I was wondering what you've been up to!

    Good to hear your still crafting!

    Take care,


  5. We all have melt downs at different times. I know I've had a couple this year myself.
    Glad you're feeling better and up to creating again.
    Take care!

  6. I think it is the body's natural defense ot handling stress...melt down is the perfect lack of sleep! Take care and welcome back!

  7. Glad you're back, sweetie!! And glad your feeling more like "you" again..

  8. Jen,
    Girl I just went thru that a couple of weeks ago. It just seems so YUCK!! I just didn't want to talk to anyone ,do anything, NOTHING. But I had to get out of the funk. Now I'm o.k. and on a roll. I'm glad you are back! have a blessed day!

  9. I almost forgot I love the little dress and the bloomers Soooo CUTE!!!

  10. OH... Honey chile, I know your exact feeling not w/ husband but with other situations. The feeling is... Me too!!! I keep trudging along, day by day, moment by moment!

    Glad to hear things are better...
    Many blesseings your way, Pamela

  11. Jen

    I am delighted you have had a visit from the MUSE! carry on. I love your creations


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