Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whatca Workin On Wednesday and an Update

Wow it's been awhile but I actually have something I can post for Whatca workin on Wednesday. Hard to believe but true.

I'm still making doll dress for my grandma, two down one to go. Also I'm working on a couple of gingerbread men for a friend.

Last week Sandy posted some easy candy canes so I thought I'd give em a try. I'm still working on getting them wrapped up but it's coming alog pretty quickly and I should be able to get them aged sometime today. Thanks for the idea Sandy, your a doll.

I'm working on some knitting too but didn't take a picture incase the relative I'm knitting for decides to take a peek at my blog.

Now for my kitty update. Thanks to everyone for their kind words. Whiskers is doing much better. As it turns out he did not need to have his toe amputated. The vet just stitched it up, however he may not be able to retract his claw on that toe. We are not sure yet and wont know til his bandange is removed. He is starting to walk a few steps at a time before his back legs give out but a few is better than none. He may never completely walk as he once did only time will tell. I'm just happy he survived all this. He is a permanant indoor cat from now on.

My furnance was an easy fix thank goodness. A wire had come loose and my grandpa was able reattach it with no problem. I was so glad it cost me nothing to fix it.
Well I must go get ready for work. Take Care and Have a Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Jen,

    Glad to hear that your kitty is doing better!

    Have a Great Thanksgiving!



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