Friday, November 21, 2008

Didn't mean to dessert you.

Sorry for not posting since Monday but it's been a little crazy here. On Monday night my cat got hit by a car or at least we think that is what happened. We found him lying in the yard unable to walk. We took him to the vet and he has a broken hip and a toe that will need to be amputated. It was a little touch and go Monday and Tuesday we weren't sure he was going to live. The vet put him on an iv and kept him over night. When I went back Wednesdy to pick him up he was still pretty weak. He is getting a little stronger each day. He still can't walk but he can move his back legs so we are sure that he will recover but may always walk with a limp. But right now it's like taking care of a infant. We have to feed him every few hours and change his pads when he potty's and boy does he let you know when he's done his business. And he has meds hje has to take two times a day.
I have to take him back in a week so the vet can look at his toe and make sure it has to come off. He didn't want to do any surgery til he was stronger.

And as if that was not enough, the furnance has decided to take a break. Let me tell it's cold in my house. Not quite a cold as outside but cold enough that I am sitting under blankets. I called my grandpa to come look at it but he's not home right now. So I just have to wait til he gets back to find out what the problem is. Brr, hurry home grandpa.


  1. Ahhh...poor kitty :(
    I hate seeing a animal suffering because it's not like they can tell us "I am in pain here". Hopefully he will make a full recovery!

  2. I am so sorry about your poor little kitty and your furnace. I hope your grandpa can fix it.

    ~ Pam ~

  3. Oh, my goodness...I hope he is going to be okay, he is such a cute kitty:)

  4. It is indeed difficult whe nyour beloved pets are sick or hurt. I can empathize with you.
    Take care of your kitty and don't worry about us mature adults.. Your kitty needs you now.
    Hope your furnace is well--like pronto!

  5. Poor kitty!!! I hope it starts getting better, And I also hope you have heat now!Just wanted to stop by and say Hey! have a blessed day!

  6. Poor little kitty...he looks so small in that big box...wishing his healing goes by smoothly and this will soon be behind him...please give him a little chin rub from me..

    my furnace was out last week and boy am I glad it's fixed...hope your heat is on by now

  7. Hey Jen!

    How ya feeling?
    Hows the kitty doing?

    I hope your furnace is now fixed!!


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