Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm not used to this.

Every Monday I watch my cousins two children. I really enjoy them. There Liliana who is 3 and Kolby(not shown)who is 10 months. They are such sweet children. Today Liliana decided she was spending the night. Both my children are boys and now teenagers so I haven't had a little one at my house during the night in a long time. I don't know that I'll get much sleep.
Liliana wanted to cook something and I wanted something easy,so we decided on peanut butter fudge. See here we are in our purty aprons. As you can see by her smile she was having fun and I enjoyed it too.

She is such a sweet and funny child and says things that me make laugh so hard. But I love her and enjoy our time together.


  1. She looks like such a sweetie & like she is having sooo much fun!

  2. They do wear us out. don't they? I love each one with all my heart but about 3-4 hours is plenty. And I've signed on for 2 weeks with 3 when the kids go to China to pick up their newest daughter. I must be nuts!


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