Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh How I wished.

As I surf blog land each morning for my daily reading I see lots of ladies that are stay at home moms. This has always been my dream. I would have loved to be able to stay home and take care of my family and work on creating my prim dolls and polymer clay creations but it is not meant to be. But ya know I am ok with this somewhere along the way my wish changed. I work retail-not my dream job still good enough for. Why do I say this well it has still allowed me to create and take care of my family. Sure the hours are not always to my liking and my weekends may not always be free like others in my family but I have finally realized I do like my job. It only took me 13 years to come to this realization.

When I started to write this post it was to say how envious I was of those ladies who get to stay home but as I got to thinking about what I was wishing and writing my thoughts changed and the words above are what poured out. My life is not perfect but it makes me happy and ya know that is what matters the most.


  1. I love those flowers:) Nothing wrong with earning a living, I worked for many years at an animal hospital and complained about it constantly, but then a yr. ago I was forced to quit due to back problems and I so miss it, so be glad you *can* work;) Have a wonderful day!

  2. I got to stay at home for 8 1/2 years and loved it. I'd love to do it again.

    Those flowers are sooooo pretty! =)


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