Monday, March 21, 2011

Prim swap?

I've been searching for a few swaps to participate in but am really having no luck. Does anyone know of any going on? I am in the mood to make a doll or some other prim goodie for someone in blogland but it s no one is holding swaps right now or I'm just not looking in the right places.

Till I find one I do have many a doll that needs made for a few friends  to tide me over.


  1. I love your prim doll! I could swap you a crocheted doll if you wanted. Of course I'd make her as prim as possible and it may take me a couple weeks.

  2. Sandra,
    I'd love to swap with you. go to my profile and send mean email so we can workout the details.

  3. Hello - I know of at least one swap...hurry on over though as I think sign-ups end soon. It's a swap held by Tricia at Hillcrest Home Prims.
    She calls it a friendship swap! :D

  4. Jennifer,
    just found your blog via Gettysburg Homestead. I was going to tell you I'd be glad to swap with you and also tell you about the swap going on at Hillcrest Home Prims, but see that Wendy beat me to it. Good, now you know ;-)
    You can check out my blogs out if you'd like then let me know.

  5. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog, Id be up for a swap ! But you should also join Prim Pals especially the happiness swap they have lots of swaps there and lots of great talented ladies there is a link button on my side bar. I am now a follower ! Stop by and visit often and Ill do the same . Have a great weekend.
    lil raggedy angie


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