Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sally Ann

I've been visiting Viv's Blog and she's been sharing all the dolls from a swap she held earlier this year. I sure wish I had visitied her sooner. I love making dolls. Her doll pics inspired me to create Sally Ann.

A mischevious little raggedy. She looks sweet but don't let her innocent looks fool ya. She loves playing hide-n-seek and raiding the cookie jar.


  1. I think she's cute! Her striped tights especially.

  2. Your little raggedy is awesome!! I love her. I'm doing another swap in a couple weeks. This one will be miniatures. I think I'm going to let people chose, miniature doll or bear. I havent decided the details! But I'll count on you joining!
    sweet blog by the way!

  3. totally adorable, I love it you did really well

  4. Oh she's so sweet ... in a devilish way.
    I love her!

  5. make them sell them
    i want a little raggedy!


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