Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blogger strikes again

Well I wanted to show what I was workin' on since this is Wednesday but blogger wont let me post any pictures right now. And the doll I am working on is really cute. She is called Daydream Annie a Raggedy Hugs and Primitive Stitches pattern.
Yes I actually am working on a doll. It seems my dolly desires have come back when blogger decides not to work. GRR!

Since you can't see what I am working on be sure to stop by Leslie's and see what she's up to.


  1. Hi Jen; thanks for stopping by my blog; Blogger said yesterday that there was a scheduled outage at something like 5pm Pacific time; now I have no idea what time that is here in MI or where you are, but maybe that is it; this tech stuff makes me nuts! Hope to see pics soon!

  2. Just started blogging and I was having the same problem with the blogger...was able to post some...thought maybe I was doing something wrong...apparently not since you were having the same problem. Come over and visit

  3. Poor thing, I know how frustrating it is... I tried to leave comments this morning, and it wouldn't publish them!!
    Keep trying, though.. I want to see the pictures!!

  4. I'm sure she is Adorable!! Can't wait to see a pic!

    How did you fare in the storm on Tues. early morning?

    Take Care,


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