Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday

After weeks of reading her blog I officially joinned Leslie so I thought I'd show you what I whipped up today.

Some napkins made from homespun fabric.

We are trying to cut back on using so many paper towels and I thought this was a great way to do so. I have 8 more to hem.I used fabric that I already had so it didn't cost much since the fabric was only 50 cents a yard. I bought right after Christmas. I can get 4 napkins out of 3/4 of a yard. And a plus to using these napkins is the fact that they can be washed and reused unlike a paper towel.

So now that ya know what I'm workin' on be sure to stop by and see what Leslie is workin' on

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  1. Those will turn out great! I was thinkign of doing some placemats for my table but I'm wondering about Ironing...think it would have to be done alot?


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