Monday, July 14, 2008

A simple life

There comes a time in a persons life when they must take a step back and look at what is important to them.
That time for me is now. For the last few years I've had a feeling of discontent but yet could not really explain why. I thought maybe it was because I want so badly to have land live in the country and work from home. A place where we don't have to share half of our drive way with thoughtless neighbors who constantly block it no matter how many times you ask them not to. Anyway that's another story. Back to what I was say. I've finally realized that that is not the root of the problem though. I mean who doesn't want to quit their job and live in the country.

I came across this website and then it finally clicked for me. I now realize why I had these feelings, we as a family had become too involved in ourselves and not were paying enough attention to each other. It had become all about convenience.But I'm finding that convenience really isn't all the convenient.

The things on the website make alot of sense to me. I realize that what I want is a simpler life but I don't have to live somewhere else to do so. I can start doing it right here in the home I have. I do still plan to move to the country one day but til that time I can be content in my home and life here. I am now working on making the changes needed one step at a time. Finding Crystal's website couldn't have come at a better time anyway.
My youngest son is a little hyper active and the doctor wants to start him on a natural diet before putting him on medication. I had no idea where to even begin but here website has lots of great tips and recipes for using natural and healthy foods. I believe eating healthier will benefit all of us here in the Wentland house hold not just #2 son.

I have felt so much more content these last few days and I seem to feel more at peace with myself now that I've made the decision to live a simpler life. While this may not be the answer for everyone I feel it is right for us. And even some of the things on the website may not work out for my family but we will adjust it to ways that will work. I know that a simple life is not always an easy life but I am ok with this. It does mean spending more time doing things in the kitchen but we can spend it together as a family. I believe it will also teach my boys to be more independent once they are old enough to be on their own and I'm installing family values in them that hopefully they will incorparate into their own families someday.

Ok now it's time to step down off my soap box and let you get back to what you were doing before you stumpled upon my blog. LOL, Have a Great day.

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