Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not So Funny Story

A few weeks ago my family and I decided to spend the day hiking at one of the state forests we have around here. Something we do every summer.
I needed to use the little girls room, which we all know is actually an outhouse. Dh starts asking me if I'm done, I'm thinking it a guy thing always trying to rush us women. But the he starts getting very persistant about it and tells me not to look up. Well you know when someone tells you not to do something you naturally do so. And here is what I saw.

Let me tell you I was done in a hurry. I calmly ran out of there as quickly as my rubbery legs would allow. And then I refused to even go near it again. Dh took the picture because there was NO WAY in H-E-double hockey sticks I was going back in there.
I know you take the chance of running into snakes(which terrify me anyway) when you go hiking and we've been lucky so far not to. But I sure don't expect to see one when I'm trying to do my business.


  1. even reading your post has me freaked!

  2. Woot Woot!!!! Go BUCKEYES!!!! LOL. Thanks for stopping over on my blog and leaving a comment. I love meeting new people and even better when they live near you and know where you're talking about. Please stop back.

    Ummm... I would've been done in the outhouse real quick like too. You porbably would've heard me squeeling the next county over!



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