Friday, July 25, 2008

A little late

Ok I finally am able to add a pic of my doll in the works. They are not the best pictures but you get the idea. She is taking a little longer to make than the others but I hope to have her finished this weekend and show you the actual finished doll Monday.

I am working on other stuff also as I am preparing for another craft show comming up on Aug 2nd. I however wont be able to go so my dear freind Donnely has offered to take my things and display them for me. She is such a wonderful friend.

Well my dear readers i have bored you enough so I am off to get ready for a morning of bill paying and work. Not my idea of a fun filled day but got have money to pay the bills.


  1. What a cute dollie. Can't wait to see it finished.


  2. Looks as though you have a good start on you Annie...can't wait to see her completed.

  3. I really really do want to buy one of your dolls. I'll send you acheck today. I love the little ones. Do you have any left from the 8/2 show????


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