Sunday, August 17, 2008

Natures Gift

Dh was outside today and heard some chirping when he looked up he saw a little beak sticking out of the hole of one of many many birdhouses we have in the backyard. All built by him of course. Then the little birdie stuck his head out farther and so DH was able to get a pic.
I love viewing nature at it's best.
One last thought if anyone ever tells you that you eat like a bird tell them your insulted because birds eat quite alot. We filled the 5 bird feeders we have yesterday and they are empty already. Sometimes I think those birds eat better than we do. We feed them year round. But I'm not complaining beacuse I enjoy seeing all the different birds that stop at our feeders.

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  1. Love that birdhouse. Why does it seem that I only get bees in mine? I had some baby birds this year, but they are all gone now.



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