Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An unexpected visitor

The picture is a little fuzzy but then again so it the unexpected visitor. LOL
Went out this morning to take DH to work and he spotted something moving in one of our trees. It was a furry little black squirrel. This is the first time in the 13yrs that we've lived in this house that we have seen a squirrel. He was helping himself to the bird seed in on of the many feeders we have in our yard.
Now I think the DH needs to build a feeder for the squirrels too. I mean it's only fair the birds shouldn't get all the goodies now should they?


  1. No squirels in 13 years. really???? They are everywhere around here. Put out some nuts for them and they will come!!! LOL.


  2. They don't have squirrels here in Australia, which I always thought was odd. They might have other similar things, but no actual squirrel. I always liked seeing them when I lived back in the US, and always enjoyed it when one actually took a peanut from my hand. :-)


  3. Wow, I can't believe you've never seen a squirrel by you in all that time. I thought they were everywhere!
    I have a sort of 'tame' squirrel who will come when I call her. I feed her peanuts. She had a baby this past spring, and now she comes around with the little one. When it's 'skwerly time,' all the other furbabies (2 cats and a dog) stay in the house!


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