Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a Birthday!

As you all know by now yesterday was my birthday and it was one of the best I've had in a long time. After renewing my drivers licences, I met Donnely for breakfast at a place called Little Phil's. The food there is delicious since the cook is a good friend.:) After we ate we headed to a place called Craft Warehouse. Let me tell you I was in prim heaven. I could have spent hours and hours there. There are so many prim things in this place it was like a prim sensory overload. Of course you have to have a vendor's licences to shop there since they are a wholesale place but Donnely does so I was good to go. I could have spent hundreds there but I refrained myself and only spent about $70. Here is a little of what I got: a rug, a Gooseberry Patch Cookbook that I used to cook supper* tonight, a primitives sign and bucket and a barn star and somethings not shown, pip berry srays, rusty wire, bells and tin moons and a crow ornie for a friends b-day. Donnely also gave me some podka pods and cinnamon sticks that I will use to make some fixins.

When I got home look what was waiting for me.

Brendan was so sweet and thoughtful to bake me a cake. What mother could ask for more. He's becoming a real pro at cake baking.

And hubby made me this crate to hang on the wall which I am going to paint black and put one of my dolls in. It will look great on the wall once we get my front room redecroated.

Donnely and her sister Diane gave me a wonderful little tea set. It's so pretty I just love it. It came with a funny little card but I was told I'm not allowed to show it since there are pics of them being silly.Maybe Donnley wont read this and I can show you later. (insert evil laugh here) LOL!

But the gifts don't end there, today my friend Patty stopped by and gave me a cute outdoor scarecrow decoration.
She knows how much I like scarecrows.

And my friend Carole said she has a gift for me. My mom said she is still working on my gift and I will get it soon. Man I am feelin the love this year. I haven't gotten so much stuff since I was a kid. What a wonderful birthday it was.

* supper was Northern Sausage soup and Corny Corn Bread. Oh so very DELICIOUS! Makes ya wish you had some doesn't it. LOL.


  1. Hope you had a Happy one, I order from CWI...I would be in real trouble if I could go in person!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    You deserve all the best.

    What a great hubby you have to make that for you. I can't get mine to make anything for me.


  3. Happy Birthday to you!!!
    You sure have lovely friends and family who obviously love you lots!
    I wish you all the best!
    (...and I LOVE your blog!!)

    Blessings, Kimberly

  4. A belated happy birthday to you.
    It sounds as though you were well remembered. It feels great to be so loved. I love the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. There are so many of them!

  5. I'm glad you had a happy birthday! You sure did get some great goodies! I hope you're blessed with many more happy years of memories!


  6. OHH..Sounds like it was such a wonderful day!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Enjoy your Day!

    Looks like you had a wonderful day!


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